Steve Biko Academic Hospital

The SBAH offers a top range of medical services: Operating Theatres, ICU’s, X-rays and associated wards are on same floor.

Excellence in provision of quality tertiary health care

A caring and compassionate, professional service

A hospital sensitive to the needs of the community

Commitment, innovative ideas and team spirit

Help Desk

012 770 2388
Office hours only

Out Patients Services

No walk-in patients will be seen (Poli-clinic patient services).

Visiting Hours

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital has strict visiting times – please keep to them:
14:30 – 16:00
19:00 – 20:00.

Patients Admission / Registration

Please make sure that you bring the documentation with.

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital is a purely tertiary healthcare institution, rendering specialized and highly specialized services to medically referred patients. It is a referral hospital in that patients are referred to the institution by their local clinics

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital is situated about 800 meters directly north of the Tshwane District Hospital. The main access to the hospital is off Steve Biko Road left at the traffic light into Malan Street.

Unique features of the Hospital

  • State-of-the-art medical equipment to the total value of R442million has been procured for the new hospital, including an MRI Scanner, two 64-Slice CT Scanners, totally digital radiology, Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS), etc.
  • Only teaching hospital in South Africa that accommodates the hospital and University Clinical Department’s offices in one building.
  • Operating Theatres, ICU’s, X-rays and associated wards are on the same floor. Operating theatre patients are therefore not dependant on lift transport.
  • Largest cook/chill kitchen in South Africa.
  • Compact design – only six entrances.
  • 832 beds; 53 ICU beds; 21 High Care beds; 61 Observation places; 108 Beds in the Oncology Complex; 21 Operating theatres (19 active); 19 Lifts and 80 Consulting rooms.
  • New Computed Tomography (PET-CT) scanner

South Africa’s Healthcare Structure

South Africa’s healthcare system is structured in 5 layers, namely:

  • Primary Healthcare (Clinics)
  • District hospitals; Regional hospitals
  • Tertiary (Academic) hospitals and
  • Central (Academic) hospitals.


  • Emergency Patients: Only Priority 1 and 2 patients will be seen at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital. These are patients in need of Emergency Specialist Medical Care, i.e. life threatening within 2 hours, which cannot be rendered at the Regional- or District Hospital, the clinic or the Medical practitioner.
  • Steve Biko Academic Hospital is a academic hospital. No walk-in patients will be seen.
  • Children are not allowed to visit in Paediatric wards for infection control purposes.

Steve Biko Academic Hospital Board-Robert Kerr Trust Health Programme

Steve Biko Academic Hospital Board-Robert Kerr Trust Health Programme reconnects qualifying financially and socially disadvantaged hearing-impaired people to the world of sound and a meaningful life.

Hearing is a basic sense, an obvious function that is often taken for granted. It connects us to people, our environment. We play, talk, express, learn and experience in sound and words. We live and love by it. For hearing-impaired people, the world can be a silent, isolated place and life’s options can be limited.